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About Me....

I’ve been working as a professional Piano Teacher over 25 years and can honestly say I can’t think of anything else that would bring me such joy every day. I love working with students of all ages and abilities and get so much satisfaction from seeing how they grow and develop in their skills and performance.


  • Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy, Texas Tech University

  • Continuous learner through personal online lessons, webinars, online classes and conventions

Professional affiliations:

  • Member of the Music Teachers National Association

  • Member of the Washington State Music Teachers Association

  • Current Treasurer of the Gig Harbor Chapter of WSMTA

  • Chairperson for the Music Artistry Program

  • Former President & Vice President of WSMTA

Other experience:

  • Church pianist, including worship band, choir, and traditional services

  • Accompanist for various community ensembles

  • Event pianist

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I believe everyone can benefit from the study of music. However, one size does not fit everyone. I work to get to know each student to help each one get the most from private instruction. Adults can learn to read music and create their own music just like younger students can. The path to reaching that goal just may look a little different.  My goal is to create life-long learners and lovers of music.

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Individualized Curriculum

Lessons are available to students of all ages and abilities. Students may choose from 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons.

I offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes note reading, music theory, sight reading and improvisation. These are skills that equip the student to pursue whatever style of music they choose.

It is important to me that all my students get to play music they enjoy. I know few will go on to major in music. However, if that is your goal, I will help you work towards accomplishing it.

If you'd like to learn to play jazz standards, you've come to the right place. I can help you learn to play from a jazz chart or improvise on a blues scale. Plus you'll have the added benefit of understanding what all those chord symbols mean.

If your child wants to play with friends in a worship band or a neighborhood band, I can provide the tools to accomplish this.

Playing with backing tracks give you a sense of what it would be like to be in a band with the added benefit of allowing you to work on your own rhythm.

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Lesson Platforms

In-person lessons are offered in my home studio. Here we can enjoy playing duets, improvising and creating music together. Technology enhances the lesson time through use of my digital piano and various learning apps on my iPad. Games and activities help to keep young students engaged.

When you sign up for online lessons you get the same benefit as lessons done in person without some of the hassles. No traffic to worry with; no carpools or scheduling challenges when you have multiple children to get to activities. Virtual piano lessons also guarantee that you are in control of your own health.....choosing who is or is not in your social circle.

I have been an online student for the past 5 years. So I have had experience as a student long before COVID mandated the need to move everything online. I have experienced first hand the benefits and the limitations to online lessons. In my opinion, the benefits far surpass the limitations.

Online lessons also make it possible to teach students in any time zone! You could live basically anywhere. For some people, I have discovered online lessons will always be their preference. For others, it will be a temporary solution to the quarantine we've all experienced during this pandemic.




Can remote lessons be as good as in person lessons?

As a matter of fact, given the current amount of online teaching platforms, there is no reason to believe teaching online can’t be as successful as in-person lessons. Since the teacher has to communicate differently, online lessons can be more engaging for the pupil.
Similarly, it can also be quite revealing for parents to see how the student interacts with their piano teacher.

Are online lessons the same as in person lessons?

To have a teacher who listens to you through live meetings means you will have a professional pianist guiding your practice, making sure you improve your playing and develop your musical artistry.
When it comes to learning new pieces, online piano lessons are similar to in-person sessions. Even though the teaching approach might look different, the student will continue to polish musical details and learn new music as in face-to-face lessons.

Do parents need to be present?

Although it is not essential for a parent to be present, it may be helpful if you have a child that is easily distracted or who could need help with technology.


Finally, a piano teacher who takes her students from where they are and then gives them the tools and the theory to improve at their own individual levels.  Whatever music you want to learn, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Standards, Popular, and on and on, Patti translates the notes on the page into a language that you can learn to speak yourself.  I’m so grateful to be one of her adult students for six years and counting.

H. W. - adult student

I can easily attribute my love for music to all the time and dedication that Mrs. Jamieson devoted to me. For the 10 years that I took piano lessons from her, Mrs. Jamieson was always patient, supportive, and made every effort to tailor the lessons to things that I was interested in. When I felt tired of classic pieces, we learned popular music. When I didn’t practice very much, we did some improvisation practice! She not only taught me piano, but made sure that I left with a deep love for music, and I am forever grateful for that!

N. S. - former student


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